About Us A Commited Team

What We Do In Free Time?

We love nature and in our free time. We grow and harvest vegatables, sit idle and read books.


About Us

We are passionate farmers and we started with organic farming because of following reasons

  • Nutrition : The nutritional value of food is largely a function of its vitamin and mineral content. Besides organic farming does not affect soil ecosystem.
  • Poison free : A major benefit to consumers of organic food is that it doesn't contain any kind of toxic chemicals loke pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. According to a survey by the New South Wales Central Cancer Registry, in new south wales the new cases of cancer has risen 50% in just 32 years.
  • Food quality : Humans can taste the food they ingest. organically grown food tastes better than that conventionally grown. The tastiness of fruit and vegetables is directly related to its sugar content. Besides organic foods can be stored longer.


Our Team

Puneet Kumar


Professional Engineer working with Synopsys, Nature lover and farmer from Heart.

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We delivery only in Panipat Haryana and Noida. Delivery only on weekends.
400 Customers
30,0000 Revenue
50 + Farmers
50.60% Growth
10 + Employees

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