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Benefits of Organic Bansi wheat

Organic Bansi wheat…. Bansi is a traditional variety of wheat which have very less production compared to modern hybrid variety but they have many health benefits compared to hybrid wheat flour

– High fibre
– low gluten
– contains more minerals and vitamins
– helps prevent type 2 diabetes
– improves digestion due to high fibre ..

I tried to grow it this time but failed due to rains after sowing which resulted in poor germination. Got some seeds for next near and wheat to eat ..

Roti colour is yellowish like missi roti .. best wheats to eat is C-306 and Bansi….

MP wheat is overhyped with lots of cheating and adulteration… give try to desi traditional wheat varieties..

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Stevia – Zero Calorie Sugar substitute cultivation good practives

Steiva is a natural sugar substitute and we make lots of mistake during cultivation. Here are some advices on Stevia cultivation.

  • If you trim the crop every 40 days in the first year, the leaf generated from this will be useless for commercial purposes. Because it takes 90-100 days for the sweet molecules to synthesise in the leaf.
  • If you do a premature cutting in 40 days. The sweet molecules will be less very less in quantity.
  • Pruning is recommended (i.e. trimming the top of all plants) because that will stimulate the growth of more tillers
  • Giving good biomass yield
  • Over pruning though is again counterproductive because it will stunt the growth of the plant in height
  • So the best approach is to prune the crop within 30 days of plantation and then again on day 45.
  • After that leave the crop to grow on its own.
  • First harvest should be taken 4.5-6 months from plantation date.
  • And after that depending upon the climatic factors of the region you are growing it in. You may get 3-4 harvests a year.
  • On an average expect 3 harvests a year after the first harvest which might take upto 6 months.